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Formation of foundations

The foundation is an independent asset with a legal personality. It is suitable for charitable purposes, but also for supporting families and people. The Liechtenstein foundation law was amended in 2009 and corresponds to international standards.

In principle, the benefactor (economic founder) can freely choose the purpose of the foundation. The benefactor is also free to pursue non profit or private purposes and to set up the foundation, for example, to provide for his or her own family members. The benefactor must at least define the purpose of the foundation and define the circle of beneficiaries in the foundation documents.

We are happy to carry out the foundation for you on a fiduciary basis. Of course, all rights that the founder has reserved remain with him personally. The founder's rights are not transferable and cannot be inherited. The founder can also belong to the board of trustees and / or be a beneficiary himself. However, this may have an impact on the asset-securing structure of the foundation.

Non-profit foundations are subject to the supervision of a newly-established foundations supervisory authority. In addition, they also have to appoint an auditor to check whether the foundation's asset management is conscientiously pursuing the foundation's intended purpose. These additional requirements do not apply to private purpose foundations.

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